AYA KANAI: Superstar Fashion Editor

AYA KANAI: Superstar Fashion Editor



 Aya Kanai’s endless accomplishments in the fashion industry are laudable, crafting a decade-long career in the media world and cementing her place as a maverick editor for the likes of Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Nylon, and so many more. Additionally, Aya’s signature style has solidified her as a sought-after fashion stylist, dressing celebrities like Sienna Miller, Ashley Olsen, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams, and Kirsten Dunst. Also, she serves as a judge on Project Runway Junior! Clearly, Aya Kanai is a go-getter. As the world of media progresses, so will Aya. She’s cool like that.

When Aya greeted The NuWa team at the door of her Brooklyn apartment, we immediately knew we were in for a treat. With floor to ceiling windows, eclectic shelves built by her loving husband from Cincinnati, and conversation-starting books lining every surface, like Mary Helen Bower’s Ballet for Life, a guest feels welcomed into the powerful brain of Aya Kanai. In the way that she can expertly style celebs, she has a similar magic touch with her apartment and personal fashion. Read along for this one, y’all. You’re in for wisdom and a surprise announcement at the end!

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