BABBA CANALES: It Marketing Gal

BABBA CANALES: It Marketing Gal



Babba Canales is a force. Listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 for her work partnering Uber with rag and bone, where she highlighted the democratizing private driver experience that Uber provides by giving away coveted seats at New York Fashion Week to the public through the Uber app, the woman knows how to make a buzz. You’ve undoubtedly heard of Away Luggage. Yep, that is also the work of Babba. She represents global clients with her new creative agency, By Babba, has lived an international life, and draws endless inspiration from each country she had lived in (four, to be exact). This marketing leader celebrates radical vulnerability and invites you to do the same.

The NuWa team was invited to Spring Place to hear about Babba’s latest adventures in creative marketing, and boy, are they creative. Learn about her cultural background, what email she HATES to see in her inbox, and how many Away suitcases she actually has.

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