NYC's Best It-Girl Work Out

NYC's Best It-Girl Work Out


Friends! When I tell you that I have found the Holy Mecca of work-out studios, you need to understand that I am not being hyperbolic. 

I have become OBSESSED with THE BARI STUDIO, located at 23 Leonard Street in Tribeca. They offer a few kinds of work out methods.




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Each method is unique, curated and crafted specifically for maximum booty-shaping impact in as little time as possible. Ever feel like you're spending hours running on the elliptical, doing silly leg raises or standard crunches to yield minimal results? Then get your tush to The Bari Studio. 


My favorite class is Bounce. Described as high-adrenaline, low-impact and supercharged with fun, spending an hour on a personal-sized trampoline can seem daunting. Seriously, I've never been in better shape in my life than with frequent Bounce classes. And I earned my college degree in dance! 

Micro comes in a close second place, described as a total body conditioning class consisting of little to no impact. The workout always includes some props such as bari’s signature hanging resistance bands, skimmers, or weights to sculpting a lean, long figure from head to toe. And even though Micro doesn’t include Bounce, you’ll absolutely get your heart rate up and work up a sweat!

Though my least favorite (probably because it is the hardest) is Dance, a close cousin of Zumba. But like the super cool cousin who lives in New York and is killing it. It is described as the ULTIMATE dance cardio class, and let me tell ya. It is. 


I had never successfully completed a squat before working out at the Bari Studio. And here is photographic proof of my progress! I am so excited about continuing on this journey of health and wellness. 

I am wearing bari merch (bari babe crop top), Bandier marble leggings, an Outdoor Voices set in green, and custom Nike sneakers. xo