How to Rescue a Dog in NYC

How to Rescue a Dog in NYC

A friendly face to welcome you home after a long day. Showers of kisses & cuddles for no particular reason. Endless love, devotion & loyalty. 

It sounds like I'm describing the perfect best friend, right?

You're right! This is the life of a RESCUE ANIMAL OWNER. 

I am so passionate about a lot of things on this planet, like making the world a more beautiful place, trying every cheese ever crafted, & spreading the word that YOU ARE ENOUGH. But one of my biggest gripes with the universe is that we condone animal cruelty in the form of puppy mills and pet stores. 

Friends, let me share this with you. 

  • Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized.

If that statistic doesn't make you a little bit sad, then I'm not sure we can be friends. FORTUNATELY for you, I've created an actionable STEP-BY-STEP guide to rescuing the animal of your dreams!

  1. Dig down deep and contemplate if you are truly ready for animal ownership. Being the primary caregiver for a tiny life is a huge responsibility, but it is also ultimately rewarding. Start a pros and cons list. Are you ready to sacrifice long weekends away if you can't find a sitter for your furry friend? Almost all pets who are surrendered to shelters are under a year old. Don't purchase a cute puppy for Christmas only to  surrender it to a shelter in a year's time. 
  2. Discuss the addition of a house mate with anyone you live with, work with, occasionally grab coffee with. It is important that everyone is on the same page about your adoption. 
  3. Decide what kind of pet would be the best fit for your family. Would you like a mild house cat, who requires less responsibility but equal cuddles? Would your family be best suited to a senior dog, generously loving and even-tempered? Are you prepared to take the plunge and scoop up a teeny rescue puppy (By far the biggest commitment. Thanks to my handsome BF for going along that journey with me... not that I really gave him a choice. <3) ?
  4. DELIGHTFUL! I'm so proud of you for wanting to welcome a little bundle of joy into your home. NOW it is imperative to put the work in. 

Y'all. This is going to be your pet for 18 years or more. You can spend 3 months searching rescue databases to find your new love. I mean, come on! I've searched for the perfect trench coat for longer... 


These two sites allow you to input any criteria you're specifically looking for in a forever friend like location, breed, sex, size, age or color! 


I found Talullah's litter on Her rescue organization, Homeless Paws New Jersey, listed her entire litter on the website. I remember the exact moment I discovered her little photo: I was sitting in the audience of a Broadway show. Suddenly, the main character is overwhelmed with joy as a bounding puppy runs onto the stage! It was fate. 

I encourage you to set your parameters broadly so as not to miss your next best friend. If I would've put in "only white dogs" (which for some reason was my dream) I would've missed the unlimited JOY that Talullah brings me every day. 


I will personally help you find the rescue dog of your dreams. 


You guys, This was her listing photo. I about keeled over.

Talullah's mom was rescued off the streets, and while she was in foster care with the angels at Homeless Paws, she gave birth to EIGHT puppies!

Little Lu's rescue story is a mild one. She was never abused, never without food or water or the comforts of a loving home. That isn't a typical story. 

I still have this screenshot saved in my phone. "Belle" and three of her siblings posted on It was love at first sight.&nbsp;

I still have this screenshot saved in my phone. "Belle" and three of her siblings posted on It was love at first sight. 

I am told that the biggest deterrent of rescuing animals is the time commitment it takes to find your one true love. Yes, it probably takes an average of a month or so. DON'T BE SO LAZY that you can't take a month to rescue a pet. I know dogs at puppy stores are cute. Guess what? Rescue dogs are cuter. They're one of a kind, delightful little creatures who will steal your heart in a second. 

Send me a message, drop a line, let me know you're interested in adopting a pet! I would love to connect you with amazing rescue organizations that can bring the ultimate cuddle companion into your life.